Community Events & Neighborhood Leader Sub-Committee

1) The First Neighborhood Block Party will be September 12th at Flat Iron Park. Finalizing activities but will have picture taking, kazoo contest, face painting, music, bbq "Families that Play, Stay Out Of Harm’s Way";

2) Discussed ways to get word out about events that are going on in the community, one is the "Wednesday Weekly" that goes out to school children,
The Front Page Forum, A community calendar. All agree that there are a lot of events but that more coordination and promotion needed.

3) Will partner with new NOTCH to consider family events, instructions, support at their facility and beyond.

Research & Resources Sub-Committee

1) Met with Judy Ashley, Dept. of Health, for support in finding a "researcher" for support in establishing "Goals, Outcomes & Action Plans"
2) Discussed modifying FGIUW Resource Guide to be more "user friendly", creating categories of need…..substance abuse, addiction & recovery
3) Started Discussion on creating assets inventory, aligning resources, removing silos, creating and promoting multiple entry points
4) Must work closely with Committee #3 (Prevention & Families, Recovery & Friends)

Prevention & Families, Recovery & Friends Sub-Committee

1) Kathy Lavoie, Sally Greeno and Betsy Fournier will be Task Force and SEP representatives for Promise Grant ~ Federal Funding for like goals; director met with Task Force **Mark McMillen Present at SEP 9/16 Promise Grant
2) Research a Recovery Center location:

a) Consideration of funding from Promise Grant or other for vouchers for Swanton residents to get more easily to St. Albans for meetings at Turning Point
b) Contacted Promise Grant director for clarification of process for funding; contacting GMTA to discuss routes, pickup places & times, voucher costs, etc.

3) Creat Family/Parent Child Center for Swanton

a) Primary Focus for Sub Committee
b) Research Short & Long Term Partnerships with new Swanton NOTCH (Sandy)
c) Meet with previous Parent Child Center Directors
d) Investigate the Potential Funding Sources

Local Hope & Project Promise Sub-Committee

1) July 15th Project Vision Public Forum & Pre-Meeting ~ 50 at Pre Meeting and 80 at Public Meeting

a) Substance Abuse Prevention Roundtable ~ Monthly meeting of Partners
b) What resulted that ALL can learn from?

2) Media & Promotion ~ Community Education (Eugene Rich)

a) Messenger Committed 1/4-1/2 Page 2/month (more if needed)
b) Prevention, Treatment, Stats & Facts, Parent Child Center Strategy, Other

3) Take Back Initiatives

a) Swanton will be participating in 9/26/15 Drug Take Back by DEA
b) inquire about disposal of collected drugs (NMC?)