Steering Committee Notes – May 17th, 2017

Meeting of Steering Committee
May 17, 2017
Meeting Notes

Present: Sandy Kilburn, Ron, Kilburn, Betsy Fournier, Terri O’Sheaa, Scott Rheaume, Judy Paxman, Adam Paxman, Ross Lavoie, Hank Lambert, Elisabeth Nance.

1. Welcome, review of agenda and approval of notes of meeting of March 15.

2. Financial Report sent electronically by Joel was reviewed.

3. Report of Economic Development

Hank welcomed Elisabeth Nance and congratulated her on her selection as Community and Economic Development Coordinator. Everyone wished her well as she assumes this important post, the first for Swanton.

Ron announced the June 8 meeting of the Vermont Preservation Trust in White River Junction. He and Sandy will be attending.

Adam announced a 5:30 p.m. meeting of the Northern Gateway group.

4. Report of Substance Abuse

Sandy reported that the showing of the film “Resilience” in two locations on May 4 was well received, and is a valuable resource for identifying adverse early childhood experiences.

The Hogsden family would like to co-sponsor an addiction awareness parade and would like to buy a banner that would display “Sponsored by the Swanton Enhancement Project.” Sandy moved and Betsy seconded the motion to use leftover funds from the “Resilience” showing for purchase of the banner. Unanimously approved.

The NOTCH summer camp will be held at the Rec Field this year. Response to ads for counselors from MVU has been outstanding. Fliers were sent to the elementary school inviting participation.

The next meeting of NOTCH will feature Dr. Ed Hock, Director of NOTCH: June 1 at 6:30 p.m.

5. Report of Outdoor Recreation

Ron and Betsy displayed a map of the Town and Village showing locations of recreation opportunities in Swanton. Two will be laminated for the Town and Village offices. A PDF will be available online.

Ron reported that the Outdoor Rec Committee is one of six recipients of a Champlain Valley National Heritage grant that funds a Field Studies Program. A river access has been built near the Railroad museum and improvements are planned for Marble Mill Park for small water craft.

Bicycle safety training will be held July 13 at 6 p.m. With Local Motion. Meet at the Village Complex.  Family biking safety will be held July 27 at 6 p.m. Village Complex.

Ramps and rails have been ordered for the skate park.

Scott Rheaume suggested SEP consider the possibility of a river walk along our cherished waterway. A project to consider tor the long term.

6. Report of Beautification Committee

Hank and Sandy outlined plans for adding planter boxes on First Street and elsewhere as well as a new flower box arrangement for the bridge. Ross built two boxes with cedar lumber from Hudak’s.

Sandy moved and Ross seconded expenditures of up to $200 for plants and related materials. Flower planting is June 3 at 9 a.m. Many hands needed.

7. Betsy asked if there was interest in applying again for a RWJ Community Health Grant. Deadline for applications are June. Betsy will send out an email with a suggested time and place to meet for a discussion.

8. Swanton Arts Council Report

Judy expressed the SAC’s interest in working in Community and Economic Development efforts noting that the arts can be a boon to a thriving community.  A new wall has been erected at the elementary school for young people to create.

June’s Barn Quilt Challenge is underway.

The Pinwheels in the Park celebration is moved to July 8 (Karen Fortin).

Sidewalk Chalk Day is scheduled for July 15 (Becky Rupp)

A group continues to meet to discuss a grand Summer Event (Darcy Benoit)

Nicole Gadouas is attending a national arts meeting in CT June 8.

Pop Up Gallery will be showing for two week (Nicole Gadouas)

SAC applied for a Vermont Arts Council grant for an arts show and sale.

SAC is looking for a donated multi-generational space for creating art.

Appealing to anyone interested in establishing a community choir.

Next meeting of SAC is May 23.

9. Other Business

Adam announced the Memorial Day Parade is scheduled for May 29, 2:30 p.m. Start followed by games on the Village Green and a cookout.

Elisabeth volunteered to take EP meeting notes. Yea!

10. Adam moved and Elisabeth seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 6:45.  Approved.

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