Steering Committee Notes – July 20th, 2016

Swanton Enhancement Project
Steering Committee Organizational Meeting
July 20, 2016
74 Nokes Road, Swanton


PRESENT  Ron Kilburn, Sandy Kilburn, Suzanne Washburn, David Jescavage, Reg Beliveau, Elisabeth Nance, Terri O’Shea, Molly Lambert, Hank Lambert, Betsy Fournier, Judy Paxman, Adam Paxman, and special guest Jenna Koloski from VCRD.

  1. Welcome: Review of Agenda and June 14 meeting notes.  Molly opened the meeting at 5:10 p.m. and reviewed the agenda.  Ron offered a correction to the June 14 notes:  change ‘a river cleanup is completed’ to ‘contemplated.’  Judy moved and Sandy seconded that the June 14 meeting notes be accepted as corrected.  Motion passed unanimously.

Organizational Meeting

  1. Preparation – Molly noted that she, Hank, Joel, Betsy and Reg had met earlier to prepare for this organizational meeting and recommend changes to our structure and a possible slate of officers to the Steering Committee for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary Treasurer.
  2. Steering Committee Structure through June 2017 – The by-laws allow that Steering Committee meetings occur at least 6 times per year.  Administrative support for meeting minutes and related tasks, would make it easier for people in leadership positions to do their work.  After some discussion, Adam moved and Ron seconded that the $2,500 donation to SEP from the Franklin County Industrial Development Authority for capacity building be available to contract with a person who will be responsible for recording and reporting the minutes of the Steering Committee.  This person will also transcribe notes from the SEP committee meetings.    Motion passed unanimously.  Everyone agreed to bi-monthly meetings.
  3. Election of Steering Committee Officers
  • Chair Betsy moved and Sandy seconded that Molly and Hank serve as co-chairs for one year.  Passed unanimously.
  • Vice Chair It is assumed that the vice chair will assume the position of chair in July 1, 2017.  Dave moved and Betsy moved that Ross Lavoie serve as vice-chair pending his acceptance.  Molly will contact Ross.  Passed unanimously.
  • Secretary / Treasurer Betsy moved and Reg seconded that Joel Clark be appointed secretary-treasurer.  Passed unanimously.

 Committee Chairs and Organizational Changes          

  • It was agreed by all that responsibilities of the Downtown Committee be assumed by other committees: The Economic Development Committee will take on the focus on downtown vitality.  The  Outdoor Recreation Committee will take on the downtown walkability and bikeability functions of the Downtown Committee .
  • It was agreed that the group will consider changing the term ‘task force’ to describe the SEP committees to something else. The Steering Committee will  consider this  at a later meeting.
  • Economic Development Terri agreed to remain as chair until a replacement is appointed.  Many suggested that Ross Lavoie might be a good choice for this slot.
  • Substance Abuse Kathy Lavoie has volunteered to remain as chair.  The Task Force will meet to consider changing its name.
  • Outdoor Recreation Betsy volunteered to serve as co-chair with Ron Kilburn.
  • Communications Heather Buczkowski has agreed to serve as chair of the Communications Committee for a brief time.
  • Beautification Hank has agreed to serve as chair.  Sandy Kilburn was praised by all in attendance for her active leadership of this group.  The  Village Green plantings and the flowers on the bridge, the trees that have been planted have added so much to our special community.
  • Swanton Arts Council The SEP acknowledged and congratulated the Arts Council for its tremendous success in growing its membership and producing so many programs that have built our community and made it better.  They are an independent organization and are seeking their own 501(c)(3).  They will continue to be a member of the Steering Committee just as the Library and the Historical Society are.  At their organizational meeting last week Judy Paxman was appointed Executive Director and Scott Rheaume is chair.  Scott will represent the Arts Council at SEC meetings.


  1. Next Public Forum Terri, Ron, Elisabeth, Reg and Judy volunteered to serve on an ad hoc committee to recommend a date and topic to the Steering Committee so that we can begin information out to the public.  Suggestions included the Swanton Public Library’s 100th anniversary, storytelling perhaps by the Abenaki tribal council, showing of the Orton Foundation’s video on Swanton.

 Next Steering Committee Meeting September 21, 2016

Adjourn    The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m. for a delicious pot luck supper.

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