Steering Committee Minutes – January 18th, 2017

Swanton Enhancement Project
Meeting of Steering Committee

January 18, 2017
Village Office Complex
Present Ron Kilburn, Sandy Kilburn, Nicole Gadbois, Kathy Lavoie, Scott Rheaume, Terri O’Shea, Ross Lavoie, Judy Paxman, Adam Paxman, Joel Clark, Reg Beliveau, Heather Buczkowski, Molly Lambert, Hank Lambert; Elisabeth Nance.
1.At 5 p.m., Molly greeted everyone and asked for a review of the agenda.

2.Members reviewed notes of our November 9, 2016 meeting. Item regarding 501 (c) (3) status was clarified. Ross will call Chris to see what he can do to expedite our achieving that status. Notes were approved unanimously (Adam moved, Scott seconded).

3.Heather reported that the Communications Committee has not met recently. The SAC is interested in getting on the Google calendar while retaining their own calendar. Darcy Benoit has volunteered to keep information up to date. Nicole Draper has volunteered to be the arts liaison. Heather asked the SEP for more input on what we want and need on the Community Calendar. Nicole mentioned that the calendar is a big project that requires lots of upkeep.  Molly mentioned that the electronic sign on the Village Green looks great; Joel said to direct requests for posting of community events to David Jescavage.

4.Adam reported for the Economic Development Committee. He distributed a written report and noted that a community forum on progress on the Northern Gateway project is scheduled for January 24 at 7 p.m., Village Complex. For later this month; Interviews for the position of Community and Economic Development Director are scheduled. The Committee is considering applying again for a USDA Rural Business Development grant.

5.Kathy distributed a written report for the Substance Abuse Prevention Committee. She noted that the NOTCH summer program is scheduled for July 31 to August 11 building on the great success of last year. There are a number of very engaging activities planned for this year. Sandy noted that this is one of the most important committees involving many people.

See Kathy’s report for the full details.

6.Outdoor Recreation Ron reported that the committee is taking a “seasonal snooze” and has little to report. The Committee is seeking a grant for historic sites and is meeting with certain MVU students to explore the history of Marble Mill Park. The Committee is working with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission and Rise Vermont on developing a recreational map for of the Town.

7.Beautification Hank reported that an early February meeting is planned to discuss town beautification including planting of flowers and trees, focusing perhaps on First Street, an idea of Linda Wirts, and other beautification efforts; Betsy will contact Jamie St. Marie at MVU as a resource for possibly starting seedlings by students, thus saving money for the Committee and giving students practical experience.

8.Swanton Arts Council Scott announced that SAC received a 501 (c) (3) non-profit status and is currently setting new goals; sponsoring a public forum to explore reviving the Swanton Festival or something like it. The second annual Youth Art Show is scheduled for March 10; Nicole is calling meetings to enhance regional networking of the arts. (See SAC notes in packets)

9.Treasurer’s Report Joel distributed a financial report noting that the balance of unrestricted funds is $4,785; restricted funds balance is $8,575.

10. Molly reported that the biennial report was submitted to the VT Secretary of State for. Judy said that Jeff Bennett consulted with them and SAC did most of the paperwork using an on-line, easy form to acquire its 501 (c) (3) status. Elisabeth said she would be able to help with SEP’s quest when her studies end after April.

11.Hank offered to draft a report from the SEP for the 2017 Town Report.

12.Discussion arose about regularly reporting to the Town and Village elected Boards.

13.Next meeting is scheduled for March 15.

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