Steering Committee Meeting Notes – July 19th, 2017

Swanton Enhancement Project
Steering Committee Organizational Meeting

July 19, 2017

5:00 – 6:00 pm followed by Potluck Dinner
74 Nokes Rd. – Hank and Molly’s Home

Draft Minutes

Present: Molly Lambert, Hank Lambert, Reg Beliveau, Kathy Lavoie, Ross Lavoie, Ron
Kilburn, Sandy Kilburn, Elisabeth Nance
1. Welcome: Review of Agenda & May 17 meeting notes
Molly called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone
Reg made a motion, seconded by Elisabeth to approve the minutes as written.
Motion carried.
2. Organizational Meeting
Molly asked to move the voting for the new Chair up on the agenda to allow the
incoming Chair the opportunity to run the meeting.
a. Election of Officers for Steering Committee – Proposed Slate of Officers
 Chair – Ross Lavoie
Reg made a motion, seconded by Sandy, to close the nominations for Chair.
Sandy made a motion, seconded by Ron, to approve Ross Lavoie as Chair.
Motion carried. Sandy noted that Ross has been active since the beginning so
it was well-deserved.
Ross assumed the Chair.
 Vice-chair – ?
Betsy Fournier had expressed a willingness to act as Interim vice chair until a
permanent vice chair could be found. After discussion it was agreed that
Betsy would make a fine Vice Chair while the search for a permanent solution
was found.
 Secretary/Treasurer – Joel Clark
Reg made a motion, seconded by Kathy, to close nominations for

Hank made a motion, seconded by Ron, to approve Joel Clark as
Secretary/Treasurer. Motion carried.
b. Committee Chair Announcements

 Economic Development – Adam Paxman
 Reduction of Substance Abuse – Kathy Lavoie
 Outdoor Recreation – Betsy Fournier
 Communications –
 Beautification – Hank Lambert
The Committee agreed that community outreach needs to become a focus.
Elisabeth will try to locate the communications plan she had put together
several months prior but it was agreed that we need to focus on short- and
long-term goals for communications strategy.
Hank made a motion, seconded by Sandy, to approve the task force chairs.
Motion carried. It was noted that Rich Kelly will continue to assist with the
c. Recommendations for Steering Committee Structure through June 2018
 Meeting schedule – Steering Committee meetings will continue to be held
bi-monthly. Ross asked to move the meetings to the 4 th Wednesday so as
not eliminate a conflict with the Planning Commission meetings. The next
Steering Committee meeting will be held on September 27, 2017 at 5:30
 Admin. Support – Kathy made a motion, seconded by Reg, to have
Elisabeth act as admin support by taking and publishing the minutes of the
steering committee meetings. She will be reimbursed at a rate of $17.50
an hour for the time spent at the meeting and typing the minutes. Motion
carried with Elisabeth abstaining.

3. Other
a. Approve Annual Report for submission to Village and Town
Ross suggested the annual report be used as a springboard; Elisabeth will send
an email asking for names and contact information of the task forces
members. Kathy made a motion, seconded by Ross, to approve the annual
report as amended. Motion carried.
b. Set Date and Topic Ideas for Next Public Forums

Kathy informed those present the Substance Abuse prevention forum with a
panel for the fall while Elisabeth offered an economic development forum for
the winter forum. Dates are to be determined.
c. Ron passed around information on the upcoming Historical Society program
on the Robin Hood Ammunitions plant

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