Steering Committee Meeting – January 24th, 2018

Present: Ross Lavoie, Chair; Taylor Wunsch, Vice Chair; Joel Clark, Secretary/Treasurer; Adam
Paxman, Scott Rheaume; Hank Lambert; Terri O’Shea; Nicole Gadouas; Kathy Lavoie,
Elisabeth Nance; Molly Lambert; Rich Kelley; Katie Foster, Videographer; Tom Benton, St.
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1. Welcome & Agenda Review – Ross welcomed everyone and thanked the teen center for
hosting us.
2. Approval of July 19, Sept 27, & Nov 29, 2017 Minutes – Adam made a motion,
seconded by Joel, to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.
3. Task Force / Partner Reports
 Economic Development – Adam noted the task force is now meeting monthly in
order to plan for the spring community event about which there was discussion as to
the form this should take. Elisabeth noted 2018 marked the SEP’s 5-year anniversary
(per Molly April 6, 2013 was the first meeting) and wondered if the spring event
should incorporate this. Joel suggested, since the focus is on economic development,
perhaps local businesses should be invited and thanked for their contributions to
 Substance Abuse – Kathy informed the committee a trip to Rutland is still being
planned; she needs a driver. Other communities are interested in making the trip, too.
Kathy said the task force will be involved in MVU’s Blue and White Day.
 Outdoor Recreation
Elisabeth reported on the regional outdoor recreation collaborative whose next meeting
is in Swanton on March 14th and the regional calendar.
Ross talked about the trailHUB app that might be a useful tool.
 Communications
Kathy stated she and Hank had met with Rich to try to get a better understanding of the
Facebook situation.
Elisabeth noted the town’s SEP webpage is out of date as is the SEP’s own website so
she will be reaching out to task force chairs to get updates.
Hank wondered if there was funding for a developer to redesign the town, village, and
SEP websites. More generally, there was discussion as to whether multiple websites

were necessary. Elisabeth and Rich will discuss the best way forward with the SEP
 Beautification – Hank passed out a report and gave highlights from the past two
months. Of note, approximately 600 surveys were returned.
 Swanton Arts Council
Scott and Nicole reported work on Swanee III has begun, the SAC is doing its own
strategic planning; Sophie Nichols will be holding a pop-up event on April 20th; another
arts spectacular is being planned for August 25th
Nicole finished three grants in recent weeks.
Scott requested $200 for 10 generic event signs for the SAC. Hank made a motion,
seconded by Kathy, to approve up to $200 for signs for the Swanton Arts Council.
Motion carried.
4. Income/Expense Report
Joel presented the Restricted and Unrestricted Funds reports
After discussion, Joel made a motion, seconded by Hank, to approve up to $100 for gas
for the substance abuse prevention task force’s Rutland trip. Motion carried.
Joel informed the committee the $1,500 included in the general budget will go to the
voters as a separate line item, as are all charitable requests.

5. Old Business
 Economic Development task force Apr/May Community Event
This was discussed under the Economic Development report above; a tentative date
and time and other details will be discussed at the EDTF meeting in February.
Hank recognized Adam as the chamber’s Citizen of the Year.
 Discuss Federal 501(C)(3) application – Ross is playing telephone tag but plans to
have a firm update by the next meeting.
 Bylaws – This was tabled until the next meeting. In the meantime, Joel will do some
research into how expenditures need to be approved.
6. New Business – SEP next steps
 Strategic Planning
Hank and Molly did a brief overview of the concept, noting the committee has
questions it needs to answer in order to move the process forward.
It was recommended each task force draft a set of goals and a timeline, using the
community visit as a starting point. The timeline should extend five years at one-year

Joel believes the Steering Committee needs its own set of goals and volunteered to
compile the goals and timelines from each task force. Terri will get to Adam the
goals the EDTF has developed while she was chair.
Each task force needs to report back in March.
 Capacity Building / Fundraising – There was discussion about how to attract people
to the SEP and various funding mechanisms. Molly noted gatherings should always
provide a means for people to contribute.
 Meeting Schedule – Ross asked if the current schedule worked for the majority of
the committee; he and Elisabeth have constraints because of the Planning
Commission and the NRPC Board of Commissioners’ meetings. The schedule was
left as is for now.
7. Any Other Necessary Business
 In response to a question from Ross, Joel clarified that funding for fireworks has been
included in the 2018 budget request but that a date has not yet been decided. Nicole
suggested National Night Out.
 Terri took a minute to inform the committee, unlike other areas, Franklin County’s
school increase is anticipated to be less than $.01.
8. Next Meeting Date – February 28, 2018 at 5:30 with the location TBD
9. Adjourn – We did

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