Outdoor Recreation Meeting – March 1st, 2016

Meeting Purpose:  Outdoor Recreation Group
Meeting Date:  March 1, 2015
Meeting Time:         6:30 PM
Location: Swanton Public Library

Scribe:  Mary Metayer

Persons Present:  Mary Metayer, Ron Kilburn, co-chairs Chad Metayer, Heather Buczkowski, Betsy Fournier, Gordon Clements

Persons Absent

  1. Discussion Item: Signage & Brochure Updates:  Betsy Fournier
    • Mary, Betsy, and Ron met in January and picked 6 locations to consider signage. Betsy showed examples from Highgate that we all approved of.  Messenger Print & Design and JC Image can create them.  Pricing to follow.
    • Betsy reported that NW Regional Planning Commission can provide maps,
    • Betsy will meet with this committee to pursue maps.
    • Actions/Who does/Due by:  Mary, Betsy, and Ron to meet again to firm up request, then Meet with Messenger Print & Design, Spring, 2016
  2. Discussion Item: Communication idea/Improvements:
    • Heather B. to connect with SEP Intern, Brian Story.  She will do the tutorial for “Trello” and is familiar with  Google communication tools.
    • Actions/Who does/Due by:  Heather B.  She will learn more and get back to us to teach us, Spring, 2016
  3. Discussion Item:  River Access Improvements: Ron Kilburn.
    • Northern Forest Canoe Trail has committed to two improvements this summer.  One will be above the dam, near the RR Depot Museum and one below the dam, at the Marble Mill Park Site.  Ron is waiting to hear back about dates of plans and how we can assist.
    • Actions/Who does/Due by:  Ron to follow up, work done Summer, 2016
  4. Discussion Item:  TrailFinder.info:  Betsy with an update.
    • This is a very cool new website (and we think App for mobile devices) to assist anyone find a trail to hike, bike, walk, canoe, kayak, etc.  Once at the site, you can filter for the level of difficulty you need, length of trail and which activity you are looking to pursue.  A RiseVt representative is being trained on how to add info. To the site.
    • Actions/Who does/Due by: Everyone to check out TrailFinder.info and use it this summer, 2016
  5. Discussion Item:  Skateboard Park Initiative:
    • Betsy, there is a committee made up of teens and adults who are beginning to look at the improvements they’d like to see made at Marble Mill Park to create a skateboard park.  They need to complete their tasks and meet again, but are working on a design and are looking for donations.
    • Actions/Who does/Due by:  Betsy and Reg Belivieau to meet with this group and let us know how we can support the process.  Ongoing, 2016

Finally, Announcement made to please join the Community Celebration which has been rescheduled to Wed., March 16, 2016 at 5:30 PM at Swanton Central School.