Notes from Outdoor Recreation Meeting Task Force – 5/12/2015

May 12th, 2015
Swanton Historical Society RailRoad Depot Museum

Attending were: Mary Metayer, Ron Kilburn, Sarah King, Linda Cross and Heather Buczkowki

Follow up:
1. Mapping group needs to set up a separate meeting to begin compiling maps.
Carol Lizotte has begun this process. Mary to ask Carol to take the lead on this.

2. Improving River Access at the Depot Museum: Group walked over to the river access area we are asking the larger group to put together ideas of what they would like to see improved at the site.
This could include picnic tables, benches, RR ties at the bank and/or a railing on the stairs. Please help brainstorm ideas about river access, knowing we have to raise $ for what we wish to do and that it has to be approved by Selectmen. The Town Crew will help clear brush, weed wack, etc.
It was agreed we’d like signs to improve usage both at the river and at the parking area to let people know about the river access.
RiseVt: Sarah King reported about RiseVt and how Swanton is a RiseVt town.
It will launch in June and is a wellness program. We can sign up to participate as an individual or a business and they are promoting healthy choices. There may be funding available and Betsy Fournier is Swanton’s employee on RiseVt, so she will tell us more about how to apply for funds at our next meeting. Please “like” RiseVt on facebook.
Bike Racks: Susan Collins is looking into this and will come to the next meeting with info. Reg Beliveau (via email) shared a website: where a bike rack was about $150. Chad Metayer suggested once he hears what the group wants for a bike rack, he could contact a welder in Swanton to perhaps create his own bike rack and maybe even add a Swanton identifier, (?like a swan). Chad will connect with the welder and bring us more info. to our next meeting. Mary will take a photo of the bike rack at the Depot Museum for comparison.
Pickle Ball: Swanton Recreation will connect with Dave Reissig who is interested in starting Pickle Ball in Swanton. Mary will let Dave know he has been asked to be the “point person” to keep pursuing this idea. He is to meet with either Betsy Fournier or Shayne Kirby. It was hoped Swanton Rec. could help Dave run a program as the players would be covered with insurance while participating in this activity, possibly at Marble Mill Tennis Courts. Reg Believeau shared (via email) that he could be a contact person for folks who want to use Marble Mill if Swanton Rec. couldn’t.
It was suggested that Swanton Recreation could post programs on Front Porch Forum to reach those who are not using facebook.
Dam Overlook Project: Ron Kilburn reported that the project is ready to go. The group doing the construction, Steve Wunsch and students from the Tech Center will be receiving material this week. Ron agreed to pay for the project with the hope that he will be reimbursed through donation. Discussion followed that the “Dam Ducky Derby” would be a perfect fundraiser to support this effort.
Walking Group/Traffic/Parking Meeting: Mary Metayer attended this Task Force Meeting last week. The Vt. Agency of Transportation, Michelle Boomhower, has agreed to begin a traffic study, which will give us valuable information. Many of the walking, traffic, biking discussions and changes will hinge on the results of the recommendations that come out of this study.
Facebook applications to increase trail usage: Heather Buczkowski
shared some great ideas to have trail users “check in” to a location
and to create locations using facebook on your smartphone or tablet. She agreed to put meeting dates on facebook for us and keep teaching us about this valuable tool.
Discussion about the Marble Mill Clean Up on Sunday, May 17th at Noon.
No one wants to diminish this group’s enthusiasm, we all know the mill can use a lot of TLC, but we would like all improvements and plans to follow the proper channels and go through Reg Beliveau and the Swanton Village. This group organizing the clean up is an event formed on facebook and a few of them have been invited to join our outdoor rec group, so hopefully that will happen and we can all work together to improve this space.
Planting Flowers in the Park: Saturday, May 30th 9AM-Noon
All are welcome and we are also looking to have volunteers sign up for weeding during the summer.

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 3 5:00 PM RR Depot Museum

Please share these ideas with your friends and neighbors.

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