First Street First

“First Street First” Campaign
SEP Beautification Committee
February 2017


  1. To enhance the eastern gateway to Swanton, the community we are proud to call home.
  2. To work together on a project that will enhance citizen engagement and pride.
  3. To achieve buy-in by our commercial partners and residents by soliciting their  ideas and involvement in a unique neighborhood project


  1. Get sponsorships from commercial entities along the corridor of First Street from I-89 to the Library to support the eventual plan for beautification.
  2. Identify residents of First Street who are personally known to Committee members.
  3. Create a draft plan
  4. Identify steps for implementing the plan
  5. Discuss the draft plan elicit ideas for implementing it with the Planning Commission, Swanton Arts Council, elected officials, and others.

Possible Steps

  1. Identify a 2 or 3-person team to meet with our commercial partners on First Street to solicit sponsorships: members of the Beautification Committee, SAC, elected or appointed officials.
  2. Suggested questions and talking points in meetings with residents:
  • What are your thoughts for making this entryway a beautiful symbol of our community’s pride in Swanton?   
  • What do you think of planting trees and flowers along the corridor?
  • What would that look like?
  • How do you think public art could make the street more attractive?
  • What do you think of trees being planted in front of your property in the public right-of-way?
  • If suitable, would you be willing to accept and maintain a tree placed on your property?
  • What about flower beds? Placement?
  • Would you be willing to maintain the bed by watering it daily and pulling weeds?
  • If you know your next door neighbor, would you introduce us so we could get their ideas in a similar discussion?
  1. Using the information gathered, identify specific sites on the map for trees, flowers, art.
  2. Sponsor a neighborhood meeting (free food and drink) of First Street residents to discuss our findings and to elicit more ideas.
  3. Beautification Committee and SAC meet with the Planning Commission and elected officials to report our findings and present a concrete plan for implementation.
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