Economic Development Task Force Meeting – January 3rd, 2018

Present: Adam Paxman, Chair; Elisabeth Nance; Reg Beliveau; Nicole Draper; Teri
O’Shea; Ron Kilburn; Sandy Kilburn; Suzanne Washburn; Don Collins; Molly Lambert;
Nicole Gadouas; Judy Paxman
 Agenda Review – Reg asked to add item to Community Events
 CED update (Elisabeth Nance) – Elisabeth gave a broad update on the Main
Street grant that was submitted at the end of December 2017 and the VCRD
Climate Economies Model Communities program the SEP is applying for as well
as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Phase II application. Reg noted as a
related matter Swanton would be getting electric car charging stations from
 Grant received for 2018 Fall Forum, update (Elisabeth-Adam) – No update yet
 ECD Public Forum in Spring 2018 – No update yet
 Round-the-Table Discussion
o Adam informed the group the I-89 Exit 21 ramp signal survey is in progress
o Nicole Draper asked about the South River Street sidewalk project, which is
on hold due to funding limitations and local concerns
o Ron gave an update on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail expansion and the
historical society security upgrade
o Nicole Gadouas is in favor of moving forward with the MVU sidewalk project
when possible. Nicole gave an update on the Youth Art Show and gave an
update on the dazzling dames in the park
o Suzanne reminded those present the chamber’s Citizen of the Year dinner is
January 19, 2018 at the My-T Fine Restaurant. The chamber held elections
after which the officers remain the same; Adam was elected to the board.
Suzanne stated they are thinking about holding mixer events like the Franklin
County Regional Chamber does.
o Don believes the focus needs to be on outdoor recreation opportunities and
Swanton needs to think about parking during the summer when cyclists and
others come into Swanton. Don would like to see the chamber building move
from its current location.
o Molly congratulated Elisabeth, Hank, and Betsy for getting to Phase II of the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize Award.
o Sandy stated the years between now and 2013 when the SEP first formed have
been like a dream. Sandy informed the present Paul Bruhn, of Preservation
Trust Vermont, is planning to do a bus tour looking at restaurants and
community centers in the spring.

o Neal stated he is happy with the spirit of cooperation between the village and
the town. He said the village is looking into improving the lighting at
Merchant’s Row.
o Elisabeth updated everyone on the regional outdoor recreation collaborative
which is holding a planning meeting on January 10 in Enosburgh.
o Reg informed those present Swanton and Highgate are collaborating on an
outreach effort on smoke alarms and detectors.
o Judy gave an update on SAC events such as the Business of Arts series around
Real Artists Don’t Starve on January 10, 17, and 24 at 6:00 pm as well as a
planned Turning Your Hobby into a Business discussion tentatively scheduled
for late March, three art shows, and discussion about starting a theater group
o Teri asked about outreach to individual businesses. The EDTF has received
inquiries in the past and she wondered if that was something on which the task
force wanted to follow up
 Strategic Planning – There was discussion about the need to begin the process of
strategic planning to develop goals and measurements to guide decisions. Molly
cautioned this is not a short process. Nicole Gadouas will reach out to a someone
who she recently heard speak on the topic to get further information from her. It
may be that a smaller group would take up this project and then present a draft
plan to the task force. Scheduling presented a challenge but dates will be
 Upcoming Community Events (FYI only)
o Jan. 2018: Swanton Chamber Citizen of the Year
 Adjournment – Task force adjourned at 6:53 p.m.
 Next meeting: 2/7/18, 5:30 p.m. at the Village Complex

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