Economic Development meeting – November 1st, 2017

November 1st, 5:30pm at town office:

Present: Adam Paxman, Chair; Sandy Kilburn; Ron Kilburn; Teri O’Shea; Reg Beliveau; Molly Lambert; Elisabeth Nance; David Jescavage; Brian Savage; Don Collins

• Agenda Review – No changes

• CED update – Elisabeth gave a broad update on some of the projects she is working on,including an update on the Village’s move to become a Certified Local Government and networking. Elisabeth also presented a draft letter for Greta at NRPC in support of its Brownfield Program; the letter was approved with a correction suggested by Molly. Adam will sign as Chair of the task force. The task force also agreed to provide a letter to the Town as part of the upcoming budget discussions in support of the Economic Development Coordinator position being funded through the end of 2018. Adam will draft the letter.

• Economic Development community event – There was discussion about the form a winter 2018 economic development community event would take and whether other task forces are able to participate. Originally tentatively planned for February the event may be pushed back to April with the idea that those from State agencies not able to join us for the October walking tour would be able to do so prior to the event itself. Elisabeth noted she volunteered the task force to “host” but, as with prior community events, the other task forces and the Arts Council would be included. It was decided that the event would be added to the SEP Steering Committee agenda.

• Any New Business

  • Molly informed the task force she and Hank, with Ross’s okay, will present the SEP Annual Report at the Multi-Board meeting on November 16th
  • David informed the task force he has set up an Economic Development page on the Town’s website that is a work in progress but one that will be a useful tool to existing and potential businesses.
  • David noted the electronic sign has been a huge success and gave some of the posting guidelines he uses, specifically that the event must benefit the community as a whole.
  • Teri gave an update on the school board vote noting the board’s preference for a “no merge” vote. Don stated he had run the numbers and the short-term reduction on his tax bill was not enough. There was agreement the wording on the ballot was confusing and it was noted that the vote is non-binding.
  • Brian noted that MVU has a note meant to consolidate and standardize budget line items.

• Upcoming Community Events (FYI only)
Nov. 25th: Christmas in the Park

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.
Next meeting: December 6, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Village Complex.