Downtown Traffic, Parking, Walkability Task Force Meeting Minutes 21 January 2016

Members present

Joel Clark
Reg Beliveau
Gene Bombard
Elisabeth Nance
Irene Cook
Linda Wirtz
Hank Lambert

1. Review last meeting minutes – No comments were made regarding the meeting minutes from the 11 November meeting.

2. Review original goals – A quick review of the goals was accomplished again. No significant comments made.

3. 2016 Paving Project / Changes near Merchants Row – Reggie briefed the 2016 paving project that involves work near Merchants Row. He and Loco Motion had made some proposed changes to the State to improve the flow, the walkability, the bikeability and parking near Merchants Row. Two alternatives were presented and discussed. The group agreed that alternative #2 was the preferred option. The number of parking spaces increased by 5. It was agreed to look at possibly adding a crosswalk by the Chamber and deleting the one by Kinney Pike Ins.

4. Walkability – Elisabeth will be heading up an inventory in the spring. Reggie briefed that a grant was received for three flashing cross walk signs. One will be placed by the rail Trail, one by the library and the third location being determined.

5. Bikeablity – No updates here other than bikeability improvements are being incorporated into the 2016 paving project.

6. Parking Updates

a. Church Lot – The lot has been leased by the Town. The posts have been removed. More work when the weather improves. The town and the Village are alternating the plowing responsibilities.

b. Merchants Row South – improvements will be made in spring.

7. Enforcement

a. Reggie will encourage the village to look at 25 mph all over. Eugene had some concerns this

b. Flexible Crosswalk markers were discussed. Reggie to check with Loco Motion if they have might back traffic up. Hank stated there were six items a municipality needed to consider to include traffic studies. Joel to follow up with NWRPC on traffic study. (note: on Friday 29 January, Joel and Reggie discussed with Bethany Remers the study requirements. It was decided it could be accomplished with Village police equipment. any samples /suggestions.

c. Radar Trailer – The village has borrowed one from the Border Patrol. They are still looking to purchase one of their own.

8. Assign Tasks / Task Review – Elisabeth showed everyone the new task tracking form. She took notes and will publish the list.

9. Budget – No significant items discussed.

10. Other – The February 18th Community Celebration was discussed.