Downtown Traffic, Parking, Walkability Task Force Draft Meeting Minutes 13 April 2016

Members Present

Linda Wirtz
Glenn Gurit
Eugene Bombard
Joel Clark

1. Review last meeting minutes – Minutes were reviewed. No changes made.

2. Sidewalk / Walkability – Due to illness, Elisabeth could not make it. The sidewalk survey event was discussed. The Arts Council has stated they would participate in the event if desired. They would set up sidewalk art activities. Linda mentioned 8 sidewalk panels by the trinity Church were in disrepair. Also noted the rain garden project was causing some puddling next to the sidewalk.  Eugene expressed a concern with making sure sidewalks are included in any project review by the DRB / Planning.  The question of painting sidewalks through long driveways was discussed. It can be part of the survey.

3. Bikeability – the new paving project and bike lanes was discussed. It was mentioned sharrows were part of the project. Access limitations to sidewalks due to grading and curbs was discussed.

4. Task Force Method of Communication

a. Trello

b. Facebook

c. Status Quo

The three methods of communicating were discussed. It was unanimous to stay with status quo – email.

5. Enforcement – Eugene noted no change to the speed limit until the new paving project was complete and new traffic patterns observed, up to a year. Vergennes 25 MPH speed limit was discussed as well as their signs regarding engine brakes. It was decided to invite Chief Stell to the next meeting.

6. Assign Tasks / Task Review – Joel to bring map of streets and sidewalks to next meeting.

7. Budget – No budget requests were made.

8. Other

a. Fitness and Rec Path – Discussion about graffiti and signs took place. Also noted that leafs should be cleared.

b. Community Event – Glenn noted the positive atmosphere at the Community Celebration 16March. He liked the Task Force’s table.

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