Community Visit follow-up

The purpose of the March 5th meeting is to have community members set priorities based on the focus group discussions of January 28th.

SwantonStep2posterIt is very important that the number of priorities fits the capacity of the community to achieve them.  From Paul’s experience in other communities, he’s thinking that 3 or 4 is the right number for Swanton.

  • The meeting will be from 6:30-9.  The agenda will be very tight:
  1. Brief Intro
  1. VCRD will present all of the information they assembled during the discussions on January 28th.
  1. Paul will ask attendees to suggest priorities based on their answers to questions like – What can make the most difference?  What will leverage the most progress?  What will build the most momentum? What is achievable?
  1. Attendees will vote using different colored dots for their selections.  The votes will be counted and the priorities will emerge.***
  1. Task forces will be established.
  1. Other and Adjourn

-Steering Committee News – flowers, fundraising etc.

-Arts Council Announcement

-Next Meeting Date


***Paul emphasized that ALL of the ideas that arose during the discussions on January 28th will be included in the final report.  Nothing is lost.   Swanton will discover, as other communities have, that these projects evolve over time.  It’s important that the community members appreciate that all of their ideas are valuable and may be the focus of efforts in the future.

Everyone is welcome.  Make sure your voice is heard.  Join us on March 5th!