Beautification Committee – March 6th, 2017

Beautification Committee
March 6, 2017, 6 – 7 p.m.
Swanton Public Library

Meeting Notes

Present:  David Hamlen, Linda Wirts, Katie Marshall, Hank Lambert

  1. Linda reported that she met with Mr. Thoren regarding tree planting on the streets of St. Albans performed by him and Dr. Carmoli over a 25-year period using seedlings dug from their properties: red oaks, locust, maples and some apple trees.  It was a volunteer effort resulting in over 1,200 trees nor gracing the City streets.
  1. Flower Planting  
  1. Hudaks is nurturing hundreds of red Wave Petunias to be available for street planting.
  2. Hudaks has built 15 cedar box planters. Hank will request expenditure of up to $500 from SEP funds at the March 15 meeting of the Steering Committee.
  3. Linda reported she approached Peoples Bank and the Episcopal Church regarding flower planting. Both agreed to plant and assume the costs.
  4. Katie approached Shaggy’s Pizza on First Street and Marshall law office on Grand Avenue.  Each will buy boxes. The Liquor store will use their own whiskey barrels. She will talk further with Lisa at the furniture store.
  5. Sandy had reported she will provide a box at Notch; she suggested we should also plant flowers in the smaller pots provided last year.
  6. The committee agreed that two boxes should be placed at the base of the new electronic sign.
  7. Linda volunteered to approach all businesses along First Street. Hank will be in touch with the Village office. The two trees in front of the building have been cut down. The space invites flowers and trees.
  8. Discussion arose about tracking all the people we approach and their willingness to contribute financially. Hank will send out a grid for recording details which will guide us in planning and at the time of planting.
  9. We will plant flowers on the Village green as usual, emphasizing ‘red.’
  10. Sandy and Marie have a new plan for plantings on the bridge.
  1. Tree Planting  Hank rolled out a colored map prepared by the Northwest Regional Planning Commission which highlighted properties along First Street.
  1. Dave suggested that we could order bare root trees in the fall from a nursery in Minnesota that would deliver them in time for spring planting. This seems like a less expensive alternative than having Intervale Nursery nurture them for us. Over the next few months we will identify exact locations and species of trees.
  2. Katie identified a number of possibilities from a Vermont State resource.
  1. Katie will talk further with ‘V. J.’ at Bartlett Trees regarding a possible workshop on tree planting and tree maintenance techniques. Hank will check with David Jescavage and with Reg Beliveau on training needs for Public Works crews and Swanton Electric Co.
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