Beautification Committee – Feb. 13, 2017

Beautification Committee
Feb. 13, 2017, 6 – 7 p.m.
Swanton Public Library

Meeting Notes

Present:  David Hamlen, Marie Frey, Sandy Kilburn, Linda Wirts, Katie Marshall, Ryan Baxter, Hank Lambert

  1. Dave reported on a recent meeting of VT Nursery and Landscape Association featuring Roy from Wisconsin who spoke about propagating perennials for flower beds; they shade weeds and continue to expand each year. Mulching with leaves instead of bark is less expensive. Dave will gather more information and report.
  2. Katie shared a website which features a free Street Design Manual for Living Streets:  We could use it as a useful reference as we move forward.
  3. Marie reached out to Heath McAllister regarding possible assistance for street  plantings.  No contact yet.
  4. Marie reported she has planted 200 pots of red wave petunias. Red zinnia seeds are ordered.  Dave will tend them.
  5. Hank reported that Reg Beliveau showed him two Tow-owned land sites which we could use to propagate trees: one at Goose Point and one at end of LaFar Street.  
  6. Hank talked with Mike Ingalls of Interval Nursery, Burlington, for purchase of tree saplings for us to propagate dry root trees.  Mike suggested that the nursery order the trees we want, plant, water, fertilize them at the nursery for $8 to $15 per tree per year. They would dig them up and deliver when we needed them which would save us time and coordination.

    Discussion arose about the need to identify species of trees. One option would be to contract with Intervale Nursery for 30 to 40 low canopy, dry root trees, and use Town land for propagation of taller trees such as oak, elm, maple. Katie cautioned about planting monocultures, anticipating diseases later on that might devastate a single species. No decisions made.

  7. Remainder of meeting centered on planting red wave petunias in containers around the Village, especially First Street.  There was agreement about the general thrust of the draft plan for First Street.
    1. Dave emphasized the need for a package to present to potential ‘keepers’ of the flowers we plant: a planter, soil and plants.

      Hank agreed to research on-line possibilities for containers. Marie will check with Alex at the Hudak sawmill for building cedar boxes and costs.

    2. Where should we display the containers?

— Linda will contact Holy Trinity which has containers in place.

— Sandy will contact Notch

— Hank will contact Village offices and fire station.

— Sandy and Marie will take care of erecting permanent planters on the bridge rails, one large container on each side.

— We will identify other sites between now and our next meeting.

8. Should we charge a fee as a ‘buy-in’ and to recoup some costs?  Maybe different fees for commercial enterprises vs. private homes?   Undecided.  

9. Dave suggested we provide a simple handout showing how to care for the flowers: watering, fertilizing, dead heading, etc.

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